Best Tech

Here at Bidvest Logistics we love to innovate!


We operate a fully integrated Warehouse Management System (WMS) driven by voice technology across 4 of our 7 logistics depots. The software is developed and maintained by Minster Logistics running on the latest firmware Voice Console, a solution delivered in partnership with Voiteq. From Goods In to Goods Out the Voice task is at the core of our operation.


All of our clients now place orders electronically. We offer two solutions so you choose whatever suits your business.

Clients can opt to integrate through our Message Hub with their own back of house system, improving the efficiency of goods receipt and stock management or they can take advantage of the ‘speedy to setup’ and the ‘simple to use’ GUI developed in partnership with BidOne, ecommerce development division of Bidvest New Zealand.

BidOne deploy an integrated suite of Web enabled eCommerce trading products, including an online shop, supplier portal and EDI gateway, to a number of companies around the globe.

Want to order on the go?… Take advantage of the mobile app to free up even more time.

Through our partnerships with Minster and BidOne, Purchase Orders can be received and processed 24/7 so your restaurant manager has the flexibility to place orders when and how it suits them.


Bidvest partner with Microlise to deliver our Telematics solution.

We have installed Telematics technology in each of our vehicles allowing us not only to track our vehicles monitoring progress along the routes but it also provides information on how the vehicle is driven and helps the Bidvest Logistics team operate our fleet in the most efficient manner.

Every driver is supplied with a PDA, which includes SatNav and Camera functionality and runs the Microlise application allowing us to capture equipment and delivery detail on screen and facilitating the move to Electronic Proof of Delivery in 2018.

Want to feedback on your delivery experience? We welcome this and ask you to ‘score your delivery’ on the PDA. This information will be used by Bidvest Logistics for training purposes helping us improve our service to you.

Bidvest have also worked extensively with Microlise to design and develop a unique Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Tool. The CRM tool allows the Customer Services Team to log all calls in a single place, introduce efficiencies and consistencies in call handling and provides extensive reporting, helping us to continually improve our overall customer experience.


Slimstock, market leader in forecasting, demand planning, and inventory optimisation.

Since 1993, Slimstock has been synonymous with better demand forecasting, effective inventory optimisation, clearer inventory analysis and continuous improvement of inventory reliability. Developed through 25 years of real-world industry application, their inventory optimisation solution, Slim4, is an integral tool for forecasting, demand planning and inventory control and provides Bidvest with the platform to lead on service and delight our customers!