Bidvest Logistics announces it will partner with Toyota to provide electric trucks to all of its delivery drivers, from January 2018

Bidvest Logistics is thrilled to announce that we have entered into a partnership with Toyota to provide an electric delivery truck to each of our drivers from Jan 2018.  We operate a multi drop, multi temperature distribution service to around 4000 outlets for some of the UK’s most well known and loved eating out retailers.  Each driver can deliver up to 26 pallets per day that can be really heavy and in some challenging environments.  We recognise that is a tough job.  We want to make it easier and we want our drivers to be safe.

Commenting on this, Paul Whyte who leads the Bidvest Shared User Business said:

“Our drivers are our single biggest touch point with our customers.  At Bidvest we believe that well trained, engaged, safe and happy drivers create happy customers.  For many years the distribution industry has relied upon a high % of agency drivers which has contributed to the industry being renowned for poor safety and poor customer service – we are changing this.  At Bidvest we are committed to employing our own full time drivers and creating an environment that assures their safety and provides enjoyment in the work they do.  We recognise that pulling heavy pallets around by hand does not provide that environment.  We are the first in the industry to make this change and our drivers are delighted. We are excited to work with Toyota who were by far the driver’s favourite choice for this change.  Here’s to full time safe and happy drivers and happy customers!”