Bidvest Logistics agrees long term deal with TGI Fridays

Bidvest Logistics is thrilled to announce we have agreed a long term deal to support TGI Fridays as they continue to generate positive momentum and growth in the UK’s eating out Market.  Fridays have carved out a superb reputation over the years and we are really pleased to be able to continue to support them.

Alyson Scott, Supply Chain Director at TGI Fridays said:

“We have a great working partnership with Bidvest Logistics and have developed excellent relationships with our dedicated account team and the wider Bidvest family.  Bidvest has taken the time to understand Fridays and the unique requirements of our brand and the way we want it to work.  The mobilisation of our business into the Bidvest network in 2016 was seamless, with no impact to our stores, and we have continued to see continuously high levels of service since.  We would recommend Bidvest as a distribution partner and look forward to continuing our relationship through the life of our new long term contract”

Commenting on the new deal, Paul Whyte who leads the Bidvest Shared User business said:

“I have a special place in my heart for Fridays and their team.  Working with Fridays is an absolute pleasure and we also learn a lot from them.  Fridays are successful in a tough market and part of the reason for this is the time they put into truly engaging their people.  With world class people engagement amazing things can happen and Fridays are doing them.  It’s also a pleasure to know that Fridays rate our industry leading service.  Our aim is to delight our customers through delivering industry leading service and flexibility – as always, this was clearly a large factor in our ability to agree this deal.  It’s a great pleasure to continue to support Alyson and the Friday’s family for the next decade”